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PBS Program to Include Demonstration of Formech Vacuum Formers in Future Episodes

Chicago – March 11, 2013 – Formech Inc, the US branch of UK based Formech Ltd, manufacturer of vacuum forming machines, is a proud supporter of the Emmy® and Telly award winning program Everyday Edisons, currently distributed on PBS stations and Hulu.  Everyday Edisons is an inventor’s paradise in that it takes ordinary people’s ideas from theory to process to store shelves.  Formech Inc is delighted to be a part of that process.  The series, in its fifth season, is now in its second year of partnership with Formech Inc.  For the show’s purposes, the Formech model 508 FS (free standing) vacuum forming machine is used primarily for prototyping of blister type packaging in addition to quick form study prototypes of the actual products they create.

To demonstrate these uses Everyday Edisons is currently featuring a new video of the Formech 508FS in action on the Edison Nation YouTube Channel and blog ( /   As you watch their developer put the 508 to task, it’s plain to see its ease of use.  In this video the Everyday Edisons engineer demonstrates the use of an FDM™ (fused deposition modeling) formed rapid prototype part with a sheet of PETG (polyethylene terephthalate) thermoplastic to create an impression of the finished prototype.

State of the art features such as Pre-stretch and Auto Level place the 508FS on the cutting edge of the industry. Pre-stretch enables the material sheet to be inflated prior to bringing up the tool to create a more uniform thickness. Coupled with a strong pump, together they are extremely useful on taller tooling as it gives an increased depth of draw, 11.5 inches, compared to other models.  Auto Level allows air to be pumped under the sheet while it is heated in order to keep a consistent distance between the heaters and the sheet, which really comes into play when using a thinner plastic that would normally sink into the model bed causing distortion in the finished forms.

Extra attention to details such as these set Formech machines apart and can only be offered because of the enclosed vacuum chamber, a Formech trademark on all free standing models.  The sum of these features gives the operator a wealth of versatility in application which is a must in the iterative phase of inventing. It must be the reason Everyday Edisons are saying, “Thanks for your support!! You have a wonderful product!”



For Educational customers, you can still take advantage of our sales offer on the 508FS until MARCH 30, 2013!  CALL TODAY! 312-396-4072.


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Formech has been manufacturing and selling thermoforming and vacuum forming equipment for 30 years now. We have a wide range of machines spanning from simple manual equipment to computer controlled automatic machines built to order. Over 8000 customers worldwide utilize Formech machines to fulfill their requirements. Among them range companies such as Ford, Kraft, Nike, Jim Henson, Disney, the U.S. Army, and even NASA (to name only a few examples). Whatever your vacuum forming requirements you can be sure that you'll receive specialist advice and assistance from our team of qualified personnel.

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